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A Soldier's Leisure Hour In India

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It was not uncommon for Soldiers to produce woolwork pictures depicting the honours and colours of their Regiment.

Indeed they were encouraged to take up such pastimes in the hope that it would stop them gambling and drinking. A Soldier's Leisure Hour In India, the title of this woolwork, emphasises the point. Naturally there was a wide range of ability but the work on this example is very good and shows a little more artistic flair with the flowing flags etc. Another example from the same Regiment is known and although the basic design is the same, the work is far more geometric and shows less skill. It is possible that both were worked from a set pattern given out to the soldiers. The Regiment is the 9th whose name changed to the Norfolk Regiment after the Childers reforms of 1881. This, along with the last honour shown of Cabul 1878, 79, 80, dates the woolwork to 1880.

  • Dimensions:
    H 65.5cm x W 67.5cm x D 3cm
    H 25¾" x W 26½" x D 1"

  • Year: 1880
  • Medium: Wool
  • Country: England
  • Signed: Norfolk Regiment
  • Exhibition: Sports & Games & Great Campaigns
  • Reference Number: 80547