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Campaign Sedan Desk Chair

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Subcategory: Seating

A folding satin birch, combined Sedan and Desk Chair.

The action to this chair is similar to a naval chair with the front legs hinged on the stretcher uniting them to the back legs. Once the triggers to the arms are released, the back will fall behind the chair. The arms are hinged to the back to allow them to fold, with their pads also hinged so they can sit flush to the back. The seat can then be lifted from the back to fold forward of the front legs and the front legs pushed flat against the back legs. The chair has oversized castors and brass fittings to take bars to convert it from a Desk to a Sedan Chair. It is likely the chair also once had a foot rest for use as a Sedan. The chair has new, buttoned leather cushions that sit on the caned seat and back to make it very comfortable.

Although we have had variations of this design, this form of campaign chair is not easy to find. Early 19th Century.

  • Dimensions:
    H 98cm x W 57.5cm x D 53.5cm
    H 38½" x W 22½" x D 21"

  • Period: Early 19th Century.
  • Medium: Satin Birch
  • Country: England
  • Exhibition: Carpe Diem
  • Reference Number: 81765