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Combined Pocket Chess & Draught Board

Maker: De La Rue & Co.

Category: Archive

Subcategory: Games & Sports

Made by De La Rue & Co., this Combined Pocket Chess & Draught Board booklet was designed specifically for travel.

It has a slip case and will fit neatly in a pocket when not in use. The interior has slots to hold the card pieces which are printed with chess men to one side and draughts (including kings) to the other. There are additional slots to the sides of the playing area to hold taken pieces. De La Rue were London stationers of great renown that produced a large variety of items from fiscal and postage stamps for the government to portable inkwells and business cards. A number of retailers sold their wares including the Army & Navy C.S.L. Circa 1900.
Case size is given.

  • Dimensions:
    H 15.5cm x W 10cm x D 1cm
    H 6" x W 3.85" x D ¼"

  • Medium: Printed Card
  • Signed: De La Rue
  • Exhibition: My Barrack Room
  • Reference Number: 80917