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Inkwell with Candle

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Subcategory: Desk Items

This round leather and nickel plated case contains a glass inkwell, pen wipe brush and candle.

Designed for travel, the candle sconce is hinged to fold flat in the case and the inkwell has a top to seal the bottle and stop spillage. The inkwell top has a double headed eagle holding a sword and orb, below a crown and with the initials K.K.PR. A number of countries used this symbol, drawing it from Rome and the Byzantine Empire. It is possible that this version refers to Russia. It is not engraved but was made as part of the inkwell presumably to appeal to a particular market. Circa 1900.

  • Dimensions:
    H 5.5cm x W 8.5cm x D 8.5cm
    H 2" x W 3¼" x D 3¼"

  • Year: Circa 1900
  • Medium: Leather on Nickel Plated Case
  • Exhibition: Sport & Games & Great Campaigns
  • Reference Number: 80546