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Leather Mule Trunk

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A Leather Mule Trunk with carry handles to the sides.

Mule Trunks were popular items of luggage for soldiers and their regular shape and flat top makes them still practical today. The design is typical with pine sledge fit and a tin base to waterproof against wet ground. The trunk has a wooden bar to the top, where it hinges, a lock fitting to take a padlock and is lined in linen. Originally it would have had iron loops to the back so that it could be hung on a beast of burden. At sometime in the trunk's history these were removed and the area patched over with leather, as can be seen on one of the detail photographs.

The wooden bar is stamped CA1939 which may refer to a date but I would think is more likely a reference number. The trunk also has No. 31 Rest Camp written to the top in pen. These trunks are always useful to make a coffee table or at the end of a bed. Early 20th Century.

  • Dimensions:
    H 45.5cm x W 74cm x D 43.5cm
    H 17¾" x W 29" x D 17"

  • Period: Early 20th Century
  • Medium: Leather, Pine & Tin
  • Country: England
  • Signed: CA1939, No. 31 Rest Camp
  • Style: Luggage
  • Condition: Some wear as to be expected. Iron Loops removed.
  • Reference Number: 81831