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Officers of the 7th Royal Fusiliers


Category: Artwork

Painted in oils on canvas, this picture of officers of the 7th Royal Fusiliers stands out for both the fact that it is a triple portrait and for the location.

A paper label to the back gives the subjects as Captain Sir William O'Malley, Hon. Ivor Talbot and Sir William Kir. It was probably written by a relative at a later date and it would seem an error was made with the name Kir, which does not exist in the Army Lists of this period. The third subject might be the Honourable Charles Luke Hare, a contemporary of the other two. Given the dates of the subjects, movement of the regiment and scenery, the location is barracks on Grand Casemates Square Gibraltar. It is likely that what is represented is the Ceremony of the Keys. The 7th left Dublin in November 1839 for The Rock and stayed until January 1845 when they embarked for Barbados. O'Malley purchased all his commissions, enlisting as an ensign in 1832, becoming a Lieutenant in 1835 and a Captain on 12 July 1839. He retired from the Army in 1844. Talbot enlisted as an ensign in 1834, buying the rank of Lieutenant in 1837 and Captain in 1842. He also retired in 1844. Hare purchased his ensign rank in 1836, Lieutenancy in 1838 and Captaincy in 1844. The painting is unsigned and the artist unknown but the style is similar to that of Daniel Cunliffe (1800-1871) who painted similar elongated figures and whose dates match. A striking painting that still has part of its story to tell. Circa 1844.

Framed size is given.

  • Dimensions:
    H 65.5cm x W 83cm x D 5.5cm
    H 25¾" x W 32½" x D 2"

  • Year: Circa 1844
  • Medium: Oil on Canvas
  • Country: England
  • Style: Military Oil Painting
  • Exhibition: The Quartermaster General
  • Condition: Good
  • Reference Number: 7714