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Pressed Brighton Buns


Category: Other Travel Items

Subcategory: Lighting

A pair of pressed brass Brighton Bun Travel Candlesticks.

These Travel Candlesticks are pressed out of sheet brass with a turned over lip. The have a gilt lacquer to the interior of the dishes whereas their exteriors have developed a darker patina. Aside from being a cheaper production method, the fact that these candlesticks are pressed brass means that they are much lighter in weight than if they were cast. This is also an indication of their date. Early 20th Century.

  • Dimensions:
    H 5.5cm x W 8.5cm x D 8.5cm
    H 2" x W 3¼" x D 3¼"

  • Period: Early 20th Century
  • Medium: Pressed Brass
  • Country: England
  • Condition: Good. Minor dents.
  • Reference Number: 81791