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Terracotta Indian Figures

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Subcategory: Artwork

These five terracotta Indian figures show different professions.

Such figures, sold as souvenirs to give a representation of life in India, were made in a few different regions. The style of these is that of Poonah (Pune) and they are made of painted terracotta on a metal armature. There is an army officer, a water carrier, a cook sitting down, a lady carrying a basket and a man with a fly whisk. The style is quite different to the three that we have illustrated in a previous catalogue with these figures made solely of terracotta without the dressing of material clothing etc. The National Gallery of Victoria, Australia have a collection of 82 similar figures purchased in 1867. Late 19th Century.

Female Figure size is given.

  • Dimensions:
    H 16cm x W 8cm x D 8cm
    H 6¼" x W 3" x D 3"

  • Period: Late 19th Century
  • Medium: Painted Terracotta
  • Country: India
  • Exhibition: Lieutenant Wilmot's Bungalow
  • Reference Number: 80676