Oak Naval Chair

Oak Naval Chair


An oak Regency Naval Chair made to fold quickly to clear the decks.

This chair is unusual not just for the timber used (most Naval Chairs are mahogany) but also for the folding action of its seat. The standard design is for the seat to lift up on its hinges to rest against the back, with the legs then folding. With this version, the seat is hinged to drop down against the folded legs. Added to this, the seat is a flat board with a moulded edge as opposed to being caned or upholstered. It is made of two boards joined together with a long 'biscuit' joint. It is hinged to a short board, the width of the legs when folded.

The side rails of the chair are hinged to flat pack with a concertina action, folding the front legs against the back legs. The back uprights and legs are made of one piece of wood, as to be expected, with a reeded mould cut to the back and a sweep to add stability to the legs. The top and cross rails of the back have a curve to add comfort. It is probable that this chair was made to be used with a cushion and we have had a replacement leather one made. An interesting variant on the standard design. Circa 1825.


Height 86.33 cm / 34 "
Width 45.7 cm / 18 "
Depth 46.34 cm / 18 "

Circa 1825






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