Teak Table Possibly From A Ship

Teak Table Possibly From A Ship


This teak Table is interesting in its design and was possibly made for use on board a ship.

It would be unusual for an English formal table like this to be made out of teak during this period but the wood, of course, was ideal for ship's furniture. The size as well, which is not too wide, would be good for an officer's mess table.

The construction is solid with a bold stretcher uniting the 2 hour-glass shaped ends which sit on a sledge foot. As can be seen in one of the photographs, the 4 corners of the sledge feet have a square hole cut out to the underside. This suggests 2 possibilities: the table had removable bun feet or the ship's dining room floor was fitted with corresponding lugs to fix the table in position. We would expect most English pieces of furniture to have round holes for fitting removable feet but this is not conclusive. There are also no shadow marks to the area to offer further evidence.

The size of this table makes it practical for use in a hall or behind a sofa and it's a good looking piece of furniture. Circa 1830.


Height 70 cm / 27 34"
Width 161 cm / 63 "
Depth 60 cm / 23 34"

Circa 1830.






Ship's Furniture

The Salute

Good. May have had bun feet and some can be made to raise the height.