Large French Cavalry Box

Large French Cavalry Box



A large, mahogany Cavalry Box.

Cavalry Boxes are Dressing Cases, sometimes they also contained other useful items such as boot pulls and corkscrews etc. They were so named as they were sized to fit into a saddlebag. This French example is unusually large and has been stripped out of its dividers and contents. Its not quite big enough to hold a sheet of A4 paper but it is close. Some fittings remain in the lid which would have been to hold a mirror, which was common in such boxes.

The top has a blank engraving plate to the centre with inlaid brass stringing surrounding it. The outside edge also has two tramlines of brass stringing. The front of the box has an inset brass indention to the lid to easily open it. The bottom of the box has a brass plate covering most of the front. This plate has a lock to it which is typically French.

Although the box has been stripped out, it is well made and its large size makes it practical for storage. Mid 19th Century.


Height 8 cm / 3 14"
Width 20 cm / 8"
Depth 31 cm / 12 "

Mid 19th Century


Mahogany with brass




Cavalry Campaign Box


Good. Dividers and contents removed. No key.