Pith Helmet Inkwell

Pith Helmet Inkwell


An off white canvas with leather band on brass Pith Helmet or Solar Topi Inkwell.

A wide variety of novelty inkwells were made either side of 1900, with the sun helmet one of the rarer designs. It follows the form of most novelty inkwells with a hidden button to the front releasing the lid on a sprung catch. There is a second lid to the interior with a sprung pad to form a seal on the glass bottle. This lid is also held by a catch.

The inkwell is curved to the base following the shape of the British Foreign Service Helmet and so not made to sit flat. The underside is finish with a thin leather. The helmet design is evocative of the colonial Victorian army and would have appealed to those with memories of India, the Boer War and north Africa. Circa 1900.


Height 5.08 cm / 2 "
Width 4.4433 cm / 1 "
Depth 6.35 cm / 2 "

Circa 1900


Canvas & leather on brass with glass


Novelty Inkwell

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