Lignum Fid

Lignum Fid


A Lignum Vitae Sailor's Fid.

Fids were used to open knots and to splice two pieces of ropes together. It was an important tool for a sailor and they are found in a few different materials including marine ivory and different types of wood. Lignum is also know as iron wood for its weight and strength.

There is little piece of paler sap wood evident to the top of this fid and its more worn at this point. Five rings are turned to the top of the fid by way of decoration and they would have helped the owner recognise it from that belonging to colleague This is a medium sized fid. Mid to late 19th Century.


Height 28.56 cm / 11 14"
Diameter 3.81 cm / 1 12"

Mid to late 19th Century.


Lignum Vitae


Some wear but generally good