Watercolour Of Sergeant Holbrook, Lancashire Regiment

Watercolour Of Sergeant Holbrook, Lancashire Regiment



A naïve watercolour on paper portrait of a Sergeant in the 47th (Lancashire) Regiment of Foot.

The picture is in a pine frame painted to simulate mahogany. The frame's back board is inscribed with the soldier's details of 'Henry Holbrook, Born 1832, Died 1896'.

Holbrook's undress uniform is painted in a very simple manner but much greater care has been taken over his face, which is of course the most important part of any portrait. It has been painted exceptionally well for what otherwise would be considered an amateur work. The sergeant would be recognizable to his family with good detail to the face which is enclosed by mutton chops. He has a cane with tassels hanging from it and a bayonet behind his left hand, which is holding a glove. He has typically small feet for the day with a shadow stretching back from them. His regiment, the 47th is shown to his belt buckle.

The uniform dates this painting to either just before or at the time of the Crimean War. The 47th fought in the east and there is a good chance that Holbrook was with them. Perhaps the picture was painted as a memento for Holbrook's family before he left for war. It is well painted and like most naïve pictures, has a charm. Mid 19th Century.

Frame size is given.


Height 39.99 cm / 15 "
Width 29.2 cm / 11 "
Depth 2.54 cm / 1 "

Mid 19th Century.


Water Colour on Paper




Henry Holbrook, Born 1832, Died to back of frame


Military Portrait

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Good. Cleaned and backed to card.