Chas. Osborne & Co. Gun Catalogue

Chas. Osborne & Co. Gun Catalogue


A hardbacked shop copy Charles Osborne & Co. of Birmingham 1889 lithographed Catalogue of 'Patterns Of Sporting, Muzzle & Breech-Loading Guns, Revolvers, Rifles, Implements Etc.' printed by John Cateley, Litho of Birmingham with the copyright entered at Stationers Hall.

The catalogue has a pictorial title page and here are 64 numbered pages printed just to the one side, of which 61 are illustrated. One page has a contemporary, additional illustration neatly glued to the back. It has period board covers which have been re-backed. Aside from showing Osborne's various guns, they were also agents for other companies and Colt, Winchester, Bullard, Remington, Smith & Wesson, Martini Henry and Lee Rifles are also illustrated. Punt Guns, Porpoise and Harpoon Guns, Single Pistols, Colt's Revolvers, Deringer's, Smith & Wesson and Alarm Guns are shown as well as knuckle dusters, gun limbs, hammers, implements, cartridge bags, belts and gun cases and cartridge magazines etc. are shown. The company also sold dram bottles, whistles, signal guns for yachts. A number of corrections after printing are noted neatly in red ink.

Charles Osborne established his business in 1838 at 12 - 14 Whittall Street, Birmingham. Fifty years later, by the date of this catalogue, they added offices at 7 Whitehall Place, London; 47 George Street, Edinburgh and Blythswodd, Glasgow. In 1898 they became a limited company and were bought out by Skimin & Wood, also of Birmingham, in 1929. Osborne enjoy a good reputation and catalogues by the company are scarce. Of its type, this is an excellent example. Dated 1889.


Height 25.5 cm / 10 "
Width 32 cm / 12 "
Depth 1.5 cm / "

Dated 1889


Printed Catalogue




Chas. Osborne & Co.


Shooting & Field Sports

#7 The Magic Number

Re-backed & with original annotations