Interior of a Barrack Room at the R.M.A

Interior of a Barrack Room at the R.M.A



This print gives a good indication of the quarters enjoyed by Ensigns at the Royal Military Academy in Woolwich.

The Academy was used to train officers of the Royal Artillery and Royal Engineers and was founded in 1741. The print shows 2 lift up beds, one of which is folded, rudimentary stools and a table, a chamber stick on top of a cupboard and a roaring fire. The only item specifically for travel that is illustrated is a pony skin trunk with its block printed lining paper. These trunks are often known as Woolwich trunks, probably because they were commonly used by cadets and would be the first personal item of furniture that they purchased. Aside from the title the print notes that it was Printed in Colors by Standige & Co. Old Jewry. Gilbert uses this print to illustrate his chapter on Army Barracks and Campaign Furniture in his book on English Vernacular Furniture. Published as one of the plates from Records Of The Royal Military Academy by Col. William D. Jones (London, Parker, Furnival & Parker, 1851.

Mid 19th Century.


Height 20.5 cm / 8 14"
Width 33.5 cm / 13 14"





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