Lieutenant Wilmot's Bungalow

Lieutenant Wilmot's Bungalow



Written to the back of this watercolour is the title Wilmot's Bungalow in ink.

Also written in pencil are the names of 3 of the soldiers pictured. Eardley Wilmot is to the front right of the picture and has a red jacket and slippers. Also named are Cunliffe and Sharpe. The other 2 soldiers are probably 9th Lancers, going on their uniforms. The only regiment listing Cunliffe, Eardley Wilmot and Sharpe together that we have found is the Bengal Staff Corp. in the Army List of 1884. C.F. Sharpe became a Lieut. Colonel in 1876, E.W. Cunliffe a Captain in 1875 and I. Eardley Wilmot a Lieutenant in 1881. It ties in that the 9th Lancers were in India at the same time that these 3 soldiers served together. Certainly the scene of officers relaxing in a bungalow with a verandah would not be uncommon for India. Eardley Wilmot has his feet up on a rocker with extended arms like a planter's chair and the others are relaxing in a similar way, perhaps escaping the heat of the day. What is a little unusual is that a Sergeant is with officers whilst off duty. The interior scene and furniture is interesting and the Sergeant's chair is not dissimilar to China trade extending chairs made of bamboo.

The painting is well executed and offers a scene that although day to day is still fascinating.
Circa 1885.


Height 15.5 cm / 6 "
Width 25 cm / 10"

Circa 1885


Watercolour on paper

Lieutenant Wilmot's Bungalow