Neapolitan Painting of H.M.S. Cressy

Neapolitan Painting of H.M.S. Cressy



A gouache on paper painting of H.M.S. Cressy in the Bay of Naples, 1859, faintly inscribed to the bottom right. SOLD

When ships visited Naples it was common for their portrait to be commissioned from one of the many artists in the city. H.M.S. Cressy had two portraits painted during the same year: this one and an oil on canvas by Tommaso de Simone.

Cressy was first laid down in 1846 before being converted to screw power in 1852 and launched in July 1853. She had 750 men and 80 guns but, as she fell between two stools in her construction, had a relatively short life being sold for breaking in 1867. At the time of this painting she was commanded by Charles Gilbert John Brydone Elliot R.N. who took over command on the 27th of April 1859 from Captain Edward Halsted. Elliot joined the Navy in 1832 rising up to Captain by 1841. He retired as Admiral of the Fleet in 1888. H.M.S. Cressy joined the Channel Fleet in May 1859 and then went to the Mediterranean in July of the same year. It was at this point that the paintings were done. In September of 1859 she was at Malta.

The scene is typical of the genre, with the city and a smoking Mount Vesuvius shown in the background. There are a number of boats in the waters around the anchored Cressy. The picture has modern frame and window mounts. Dated 1859.

Image size is given.


Height 26.66 cm / 10 "
Width 36.82 cm / 14 "

Dated 1859


Gouache on paper




H.M.S. Cressy in the Bay of Naples, 1859


Maritime art

From Chair To Cannon

Two repaired tears and slightly scratched