Royal Navy Barricoe Rum Cask

Royal Navy Barricoe Rum Cask


A brass banded, coopered oak Royal Navy Barricoe Rum Cask, also known as a Breaker.

Barricoes were used on board ship to carry neat rum from the spirit room onto the deck. It would then be mixed with water, in full view of the crew, to make grog for distribution to the sailors. The cask has a shaped brass hasp lock to cover the replaced wooden bung for security and a pair of good, brass carrying handles to the ends.

Barricoes are quite hard to find in their original condition, like this one. After Black Tot Day in 1970, many of those that were sold off were converted into stick stands. The handles and one end were removed, the bung hole filled in and covered over with a large Royal Coat of Arms transfer and it was turned on its end. Although put to a practical use, they are far removed from their original condition.

Barricoes are difficult to date accurately with little variation in design and they are unlikely to marked in the same manner that other rum equipment is. This one is probably either side of 1900 in date.


Height 27.93 cm / 11 "
Width 62.84 cm / 24 "
Depth 38.09 cm / 15 "

Circa 1900


Oak & Brass




Royal Navy Rum Equipment

Furnishing The Empire

Bung replaced