Hollinshed Patent Sandwich Case

Hollinshed Patent Sandwich Case



This japanned tin Sandwich Box is designed to fold flat, when empty, to make it easier to carry. It works to a simple principle in that the four sides are hinged to fold once the pin hooks at each end of the two long sides are removed from the short sides. This reduces the height of the box by over two inches. The tin is japanned in black over a dark red, presumably to give an impression of a faux wood.

The brass plaque to the top gives the details of Hollinsheds Sandwich Box, Griffiths & Browett Manufacturers Birmingham. G. Hollinshed of Salford was the patentee and a similar but smaller box we had noted the patent number of 1009. Griffiths & Browett described themselves in an advert of 1883 as General Iron and Tin Plate Workers and Japanners. They also japanned papier mache, were coppersmiths and enamelled. They were located at 68 & 69 Bradford Street in Birmingham but also had premises at 12 Moorgate Street, London and 25 Boulevard Magenta in Paris. The design is simple but clever and makes this a practical piece for the sportsman, traveller or soldier. Circa 1880.

Size set up is given.


Height 6.5 cm / 2 34"
Width 21 cm / 8 12"
Depth 13.5 cm / 5 "

Circa 1880


Japanned Tin




Griffiths & Browett Plaque

The Quartermaster General