Army & Navy CSL Dress Shirts in Box

Army & Navy CSL Dress Shirts in Box

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A pair of Collar less Evening Wear Shirts by the Army & Navy C.S.L.

These shirts are similar to those described by the Army & Navy Stores Ltd in their 1939 catalogue as 'Dress Shirts. Stiff Fronted Marcella. Coat Style. 2 Stud With Marcella Cuffs. 3 Sleeve Lengths'. This would tie in with the Society's name change to Army and Navy Stores Ltd in 1934.

The shirts have a small, white stud to the top of the neck with a rigid panel below with 2 button holes to take stud buttons. Below the panel is a single button with the shirt made to slip on over the head. A separate collar would be added for use.

The name E.W. Rodot is printed to the inside neck of each shirt and this could well refer to the owner. An E.W. Rodot was a Royal Navy Engineer who is noted in the Engineer magazine of the 18th August 1899 as being appointed to the Vivid, for the Speedwell. He was also awarded the Africa General Service Medal whilst with H.M.S. Naiad for Somaliland 1902-4.

The box has suffered a little over time with a split to one corner of the top and general wear and tear. The shirts are in fairly good order although one has suffered a little from damp. However, it is unusual to find a pair of period shirts such as these with the original box. Circa 1935.


Height 7.62 cm / 3 "
Width 48.88 cm / 19 "
Depth 25.77 cm / 10 "





Army & Navy Stores, E. W. Rodot


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