John Pound & Co.

John Pound & Co. were well known and respected manufacturers of luggage and travel goods.

They listed The Board of Admiralty, HM Customs, Royal Mint and India Office amongst their customers. They also advertised that they sold Plate Chests, Camp & Cabin Furniture and Naval & Military Equipage. It is probable that John Pound started in business with his father Henry who is noted at the company's 82 Leadenhall Street address in the 1865 trade directory.

By 1880 John had set out on his own and Henry had been joined by a Hutchins whilst another son still remained with him. John was at the 81 - 82 Leadenhall address whilst Henry had moved to 64, 75 & 76. By 1899 John had further expanded and his addresses are listed as 81 to 84 Leadenhall Street, 67 Piccadilly W, 211 Regent St. W, 378 Strand WC and 177 & 178 Tottenham Court Road W with works at Halfmoon Passage E. Henry is not listed at this date. In 1912 John Pound still sold his wares from all the above addresses except 378 Strand. By 1913 he was also advertising premises at 268 - 270 Oxford Street.