Capt. Hon. R. Monck's Canteen Box

Capt. Hon. R. Monck's Canteen Box

Maker / Retailer


From the outside this box looks to be a fairly plain oak trunk.

However, the heavy iron banding, good iron carrying handles to the sides and evidence of sealing wax around the lock suggests the contents were of importance to its owner. The brass name plate for Captn. Honble. R. Monck gives the owner's name and the inside, although mostly stripped out, informs us of its purpose. The lock plate is marked R & S Garrard & Co, 25 Haymarket, London. Crown Goldsmiths, Silversmiths & Jewellers and there is a good paper label to the lid interior. It is not unusual for silver chests to list the hand written contents and, as can be seen, this box housed a Coffee Pot, Tea Pot, Cream Pourer, Tea Kettle & Stove and a Sugar Bason. The label also gives further address details and patronage of The Queen, Prince Consort and Royal Family. It is probable that the now missing contents were silver given the makers and title of the owner.

The Honourable Richard Monck was born in 1829 and commissioned as an Ensign in the Coldstream Guards on the 2nd March 1849. He became a Lieutenant in 1851, a Captain in 1855, a Lieut. Colonel in 1863 and a full Colonel in 1869. He purchased all his ranks except that of Captain and Lieut. Colonel. He received a medal in 1853 for serving in the Kaffir War with the 43rd Regiment. Few such canteen boxes have survived with their complete service and this one is interesting for the information it reveals.

The box can be dated to a 4 year time span from the label which notes the Prince Consort. Albert became Consort in 1857 and died in 1861.


Height 30 cm / 12"
Width 58.5 cm / 23 "
Depth 44 cm / 17 12"



R & S Garrard & Co

Quartermaster General