Cavalry Box Initialled CJM

Cavalry Box Initialled CJM



One of 2 rosewood boxes, which although not a pair and owned by different people, are no doubt from the same workshop. They are made from mahogany blocks veneered with rosewood. Both have silvered name plates to the top, the other one engraved T.M. with a heraldic crest and this one engraved CJM suggesting that the owners were relations to each other. The interiors to each differ from the other but both show an intricacy and detail that we have not seen on such boxes before. The number of tiny compartments or boxes below or within others is outstanding. Some of the remaining bottles and tools fit so tightly to their space that the box has to be turned upside down to remove them. Naturally some tools are missing and it might be folly to try and replace them but a number remain. Both are fascinating, complicated, early examples of the Cavalry Box and it is almost as if the maker was purposely showing off his skill in making them.

The mirror to the lid of this rosewood Cavalry Box is small in size to allow space below it to take what was likely a notepad, now missing. The box has 2 small bottles with silver caps and glass stoppers, to the front of the swivel tray. There is also a toothbrush shaped box with a slide lid to either end, that sits on top of a compartment for the brush. The middle section has cut-outs that would take some scissors and 2 other smaller tools. There is also a shallow compartment with lid that has a pin case, a box that is shaped like a brush handle, a small ivory brush next to it and 2 thin compartments perhaps for combs etc. Below the tray is a mahogany box fitted with various sewing items. When this is removed a small hidden compartment can be opened. Alongside this is an open compartment that may have taken a strop. There are 2 lidded compartments behind this and an open compartment either side of the hinge. To the front are 2 more small compartments. One has a removable, divided box to take pins and the other is lined in padded silk.

An exceptional, early Cavalry Box. Early 19th Century.


Height 8.5 cm / 3 "
Width 8.5 cm / 3 "
Depth 20.5 cm / 8 "

Early 19th Century


Rosewood Veneer on Mahogany





Clear The Decks

Some Tools Missing