Chinese Export Portable Desk

Chinese Export Portable Desk


An Export Trade Writing Slope made of an Asian hardwood.

This is an unusual timber for a Slope with most China Trade ones made of amboyna or camphor wood. The box is brass edged with decorative fleur de lys to the corners, 2 extra brass bands to the middle and flush skeletal handles. The blank name plate is also decoratively shaped. When the box is opened a sprung button is released allowing the plain, external side drawer to open. The writing surface is baize bordered by ebony veneer. When the top half of the writing surface is lifted there is a plain well. Depressing a hidden button to the desk tidy area to the top of the box releases the catch holding a sprung facia board. This hides 3 secret drawers.

An interesting variant of a Chinese Export Portable Desk. Mid 19th Century.

Size closed is given.


Height 19.5 cm / 7 34"
Width 51.5 cm / 20 12"
Depth 27 cm / 10 "

Mid 19th Century


Asian Hardwood


China Trade


Campaign Desk

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