Field Kettle Set

Field Kettle Set



The kettle of this Georgian copper field canteen also serves as the packing case for the set, as can be seen.

Contained inside it are a tea pot, a coffee pot, which has its own spirit heater, two containers, a flask, a stand and a handle which can be fitted to either the tea or coffee pot. The remaining space in the kettle suggests that originally there may have been another flask and container. The kettle will sit on the pierced stand, once its interior has been filled with hot coals or embers, to heat the pot.

Such field canteens are very hard to find but would have been an important piece of equipment for a soldier. It is probable, judging by its quality, that this set belonged to an officer, although one perhaps not as wealthy as some as it isn't made of silver. However, this set is well made with tin plating to the interior, riveted hinges, locking hooks and an air vent. It is decorated with a raised moulding to some of the parts but is certainly not ostentatious. The design makes maximum use of the packing space available within the kettle with the teapot, flask and containers shaped accordingly. Early 19th century.

Kettle size is given.


Height 17 cm / 6 34"
Width 16 cm / 6 "
Depth 27 cm / 10 "