Hall's Patent Flask by Thornhill

Hall's Patent Flask by Thornhill


This unusual, electro plated Britannia metal Hip Flask was made by James Dixon & Son to the patent design of Joseph Hall of Wharncliffe Chambers, Bank Street.

Both Hall and Dixon were from Sheffield and the latter's business was large enough to cope with the demand for Hall's design. Hall described his patent in his application of 1881 thus: In carrying into effect my invention, the orifice of the neck of the flask or bottle is made at the side instead of at the end, and a partition or division is made across the neck of the flask or bottle where the neck is joined to the body, and the partition or division is pierced at the under side to allow the liquid in the flask to flow into the neck. Given that you could easily drink from the flask without the risk of air bubbles or spillage, a cup was not needed. Joseph Hall patented his flask in several countries and although it appears that it was a very popular design at the time, relatively few of these flask are seen now.

Dixon's trumpet logo is stamped to the bottom of the flask with pseudo hallmarks noting JD&S and EPBM below. To the back of the head of the flask is stamped Halls Patent surrounded by W. Thornhill & Co. Thornhill were high end retailers located at 144 New Bond Street. A very interesting design of flask. Circa 1885.


Height 15.5 cm / 6 "
Width 8.5 cm / 3 "
Depth 3 cm / 1 "

Circa 1885.




Dixon & Son, Joseph Hall & Thornhill

The Sundowners