Traveller's Sandwich Box By Hollinshed

Traveller's Sandwich Box By Hollinshed



A folding, black japanned tin Traveller's Sandwich Box.

The tin folds by collapsing the sides to fall in towards the centre of the box. The long sides each have a right angled pin to their top corners that fits neatly into the rolled top edge of the shorter sides. There is enough give to the hinges of the long sides to pull them away and release their connecting pins. With the sides folded, the top can be placed back on to the box at its greatly reduced height.

The applied plaque to the top of the box states 'G. Hollinshed, No. 1009, Patentee, Salford'. Hollinshed was granted his patent on the 9th of April 1862. It was for 'Folding-cases; packing case' and was described as 'The four sides of the case are hinged to the bottom and can be folded downwards and enclosed in the cover when the case is not in use. Hooks and eyes keep the sides vertical when necessary.' On the 27th of March 1878 he was also granted a patent for a design which went a step further with the larger parts of the box folding in half and a hinged lid.

We have had a few of these tins before, some by other makers such as Griffiths & Browett, but this is the first with a gilt decorated border and title around the maker's plaque. Circa 1865.

Assembled size is given.


Height 4.19 cm / 1 34"
Width 15.23 cm / 6 "
Depth 9.52 cm / 3 34"

Circa 1865


Japanned Tin




G. Hollinshed, No. 1009, Patentee, Salford


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Good. Minor paint loss.