Rosewood Campaign Mirror

Rosewood Campaign Mirror



A rectangular, rosewood Campaign Mirror.

The mirror is made of solid rosewood inlaid to the outside panels with an oval of boxwood stringing and a circle to the interior panel that does not hold the mirror. This inlay is fairly typical to most portable mirrors of this size, as is the ebony sandwiched by boxwood string that run along the edge of the mirror. What is not typical is the use of rosewood, with most such mirror made in mahogany.

The action of the mirror is fairly simple. The two boards are locked together by a brass barbed pin to one side, that fits to a corresponding hole to the other. The barbed pin catches on a sprung button when closed. When the button is depressed, it releases the barbed pin. The hinged ends of the two boards are cut to an angle so that when they are folded back on each other the mirror sits at 45 degrees for use. There is also a brass ring so that the mirror can be hung for use. The one fault to the design, which seems to be common to most such mirrors, is that ideally the pin should be on the mirror board. That way, when the protective cover board is used as a foot, the pin wouldn't prevent it sitting completely flat.

The mirror stands out for being rosewood but is also still practical for use. Mid to late 19th Century.

Folded size is given.


Height 20 cm / 8"
Width 11.5 cm / 4 "
Depth 1.8 cm / "

Mid to late 19th Century




Campaign Mirror


Good but a 2 inch long section of boxwood is missing to the mirror. See final image.


If exported, the cost of a CITES certificate will need to be added to the shipping cost.