Cased Compass & Barometer by Lennie, Edinburgh

Cased Compass & Barometer by Lennie, Edinburgh

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A gilt brass Pocket Barometer and Compass in red leather case.

The case is lined in green silk with velvet and can be opened from both sides so that the instrument can be used without removing it from the case. The compass has a floating mother of pearl dial that pivots on a red gemstone. It is marked with eight points with the top half of the dial coloured black. The barometer dial is marked with a scale from 28 to 31 and the conditions of Fair, Set Fair, Very Dry, Hurricane, Stormy, Much Rain, Rain and Change. The altimeter has a scale of zero to 3000 feet and can be adjusted by the ball (grooved to provide a grip) to the middle of the suspension ring.

The barometer face is also marked Compensated for Temperature and Lennie, Edinburgh. The quality of this dual instrument is evident. It can be used within the case, with the wider diameter of the compass helping to hold it in, or it can be removed. Lennie also retailed a similar item with a less complicated barometer and smaller compass surrounded by a thermometer. This one was given as a gift and is stamped to the case 'From W.E.K. To A. H. 1910'. Circa 1910.

Case Size is given.


Height 8.25 cm / 3 14"
Width 6.35 cm / 2 12"
Depth 4.44 cm / 1 34"

Circa 1910


Gilt Brass, Leather Case




Lennie, Edinburgh. From W.E.K. To A. H. 1910


Travel Compass & Barometer

Receiving Orders

The case's sprung catches restored to work.