Gun Metal Carronade Model

Gun Metal Carronade Model


A working model of a gun metal Carronade on an oak carriage.

This ship's canon is well made with a working elevation screw, iron wheels, straps and tie down rings to the carriage. It has proofing marks stamped to the underside of the barrel of BP under a crown, for Birmingham, 4 in a diamond for 4 bore, 4 drs (drams) Black Powder, 4 oz ball for the weight of shot and crossed fleur-de-lis batons.

The Carronade, in layman's terms, is a cross between a howitzer and a canon. It was made by the Carron Works, Falkirk and first used in 1778. Its innovative design proved a great success in the Napoleonic Wars. It was lighter, with 3 Carronades the equivalent of a standard ship's cannon. This allowed you to either carry more guns or more cargo. Its shorter barrel meant it could be loaded much faster and it used an elevation screw instead of wedges. It was perfect for close fighting with the damage it caused earning it the nickname the Smasher. However, over long range it was a disadvantage which benefited the Americans in the War of Independence. HMS Victory's first shot at Trafalgar was fired from a Carronade.

This Carronade was intended for firing but would also look good on a desk or mantlepiece. Early 20th Century.


Height 20.31 cm / 8 "
Width 38.09 cm / 15 "
Depth 19.04 cm / 7 "

Early 20th Century.


Gun Metal, Oak & Iron




Various Proofing Marks


Naval Model

The Salute