Grenadier Guards Officer and Sergeant by Orlando Norie

Grenadier Guards Officer and Sergeant by Orlando Norie



A watercolour on card of a Grenadier Guards officer outside his bell tent.

The main subject is a field officer and likely to be a Lieutenant Colonel. He's smoking a cigar whilst reading a despatch delivered by the sergeant. The sergeant is holding a swagger stick by his side and his ribbons for Egypt (1883) and the Khedive's Star (1882) suggest he may be a specific person.

The painting and its contents are interesting because the scene is very similar to the Norie painting used on the cover of our catalogue The Sundowners. It looks to have the same X-frame stool, table, wash tub and two pieces of furniture to the back of the tent. It was not uncommon for artists to do this. For one with a studio at Aldershot and as prolific as Norie it is even more likely that there will be repetition.

We are always drawn towards paintings of camp scenes and Norie was an exceptional artist. The Grenadier Guards Regiment adds to the interest. The medals date the painting to between 1883 and Norie's death in 1901. Signed O. Norie to the centre foreground. Circa 1890.

Framed Size Is Given


Height 45.5 cm / 18"
Width 38.1 cm / 15 "
Depth 2 cm / 1"

Circa 1890


Water colour on card




O. Norie


Military Art