Interior of Carlisle Castle By James Young

Interior of Carlisle Castle By James Young



An amateur watercolour titled 'Interior of Carlisle Castle By James Young 48th Regt.'.

The painting shows a number of soldiers, painted out of scale to each other, parading, lining up or at sentry boxes with an officer on horseback, in the castle. Some civilians are shown to be watching the soldiers. Young dated the large watercolour July 15th, 1854, and the Crimean War had started six months previously. Carlisle Castle had been built by William II in 1092 and remained an important garrison into the 19th century.

James Young was a medical doctor and joined the army as a Hospital Assistant Surgeon on the 18th March 1824 rising to an Assistant Surgeon five months later. He served in Africa from 1824 to 1827 and was at the Battle of Doodwa against the Ashantees. He became a Surgeon on the 19th of October 1839. He was with 78th Highland Regiment of Foot in 1839, the 19th Regiment in 1842 and 48th Regiment in 1853 although he was placed on half pay in February of that year. Presumably he was recalled with the start of the War in the East.

The painting has suffered in its past with a few tears and crinkles to the paper which have now been attended to by a paper restorer. It is in a simulated rosewood frame that is in keeping. It is wonderful for the naivety of the amateur artist whilst giving a good view of Carlisle Castle and the soldiers going about their business. Dated 15th July 1854.

Framed Size is given.


Height 55.86 cm / 22 "
Width 66.01 cm / 26 "
Depth 2.54 cm / 1 "

Dated 15th July 1854.


Watercolour of paper




Interior of Carlisle Castle By James Young 48th Reg.


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