Line of March of a Bengal Regiment of Infantry in Scinde

Line of March of a Bengal Regiment of Infantry in Scinde



This Panorama of a Line of March was published by Ackerman & Co. of 96 Strand London from original drawings by Lieutenant F. P. Layard.

It is very possible that Layard was related to Brownlow Layard whose Silver Chest is also illustrated in this catalogue and it is known that the Layards were a relatively well known family in Ceylon. This panorama, like the one by Ludlow illustrated in The Portable Empire, shows all the confusion of a Line of March in India. Its twenty two plates show the march from the Striking of Tents, through the different members of the march including the Grass Cutter, Mess Stores, Hackery with Luggage, Halfway Coffee Club, Irregular Cavalry with Dispatches, Sowart Camel, Band, Native Doctor and Advance Guard etc.

The Panorama also has a nice cartouche to the inside cover showing a Soldier with Sentry Box and Palm Trees. An Inscription has been written around the cartouche in ink stating ' Lieutenant John Montagu, 26th Regt. Bengal Native Infantry, 1844 to His affectionate Brother Philip Alexander Derbibas(?), Montreal 1845'. Montagu obviously wanted to show his brother what life in a Bengal Regiment was like and the panorama would have done this perfectly. It has green board covers with the title in gilt lettering. Circa 1843.

Book size is given.


Height 10 cm / 4"
Width 34.5 cm / 13 "
Depth 1.5 cm / "

Circa 1843.





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