Chaise Lounge by S.W. Silver

Chaise Lounge by S.W. Silver

Maker / Retailer


A satin birch extending Chaise Lounge by S.W. Silver & Co.

The Chaise is a known piece of campaign furniture from the maker, with the back and end support made to be removable. Both sections fit to the base on tenons that sit in corresponding mortice joints. They are then held in place by long bolts with a ring fixed from the underside of the seat up. A screw unites the back and end support to each other. The seat extends on a tongue and groove joint to form a bed by pulling the frame at the foot. Originally there would have been a carved, removable bar at the foot to prevent the mattress sliding off.

The end support has a good curved, inclining shape. Along with the back, its caned to allow the air to move freely in a hot climate. The open side of the end support has a brass plate with hole set into the wood and the seat frame also has two holes. It's probable that these would have taken a removable frame to make a barrier to stop you rolling off whilst sleeping on board ship. The Chaise has a cushion for the end support and seat but a further cushion is needed for use as a bed.

S.W. Silver made a few slightly different versions of this Chaise but they don't come on the market that often. There can be variation in the carving or no carving at all as well as a flat, upright end support. A few have been found in Australia and New Zealand and this would fit it with S.W. Silver's advertising aimed at those looking to emigrate to the two countries in the middle of the 19th century. The Chaise is not marked S.W. Silver but there is a clear shadow mark to the back which is the correct size for the company's embossed brass label that they applied to much of their furniture. A versatile piece of furniture. Circa 1865.

The length extends to 84 1/2 inches.


Height 82.52 cm / 32 "
Width 132.03 cm / 52 "
Depth 63.48 cm / 25 "

Circa 1865.


Satin Birch




Campaign Furniture

Furnishing The Empire

Good. Foot bar missing.