Folding Chair with foot rest

Folding Chair with foot rest



A stained beech Reclining Chair, made to adjust its angle as you lean back into it.

The chair reclines to such an extent that you can lie on it in a horizontal position. The red upholstered seat and back pivot on two points fixed at the arms so that the legs and arms do no not move when the angle is altered. There is also a folding foot rest to offer support as you recline.

A number of folding chairs were made at the end of the 19th century by a variety of makers, some marked but most with no name. Although primarily aimed at the domestic market as being useful to take to sporting events or use in the garden or conservatory, some are illustrated being used by army officers. It is likely that the design of this chair was patented but it has no stamp or label giving a maker or further detail.

The chair is comfortable and also folds to a greater degree than most others. Late 19th Century.

The mid point dimensions are given for use. The minimum size has a height of 49 (124.5 cm) and depth of 32 inches (81.5 cm). The fully reclined dimensions are a height of 25 1/2 (65 cm) and a depth of 65 inches (165 cm).


Height 114.26 cm / 45 "
Width 60.94 cm / 24 "
Depth 137.11 cm / 54 "

Upholstery not original.