Combination Luncheon & Card Table

Combination Luncheon & Card Table


The two photos show how neatly this mahogany table folds up for travel. The brass plaque, under the lid of the card well, gives a patent number of 27069. We are grateful for Brawer's research on this patent which reveals it to be for a 'Combination folding luncheon and card table designed to be carried in a luncheon basket'.

The design and patent is attributed to William Paulgrave Ellmore and was recorded in 1898. As can be seen, the table legs fold as two pairs and lock into place by hinged iron bars. The top has two leaves on good brass hinges allowing it to double in size. It stands on well-turned legs and is a little lower than a standard table height. Although its title suggests the table was predominantly aimed at the domestic market, the associated leather carrying straps are stamped with the broad arrow, indicating that the table has had military use.

It is also marked 'D.E. Morris & Co Limited' and '50' after the broad arrow. A good, rare table. Circa 1898.
Size set up is given.


Height 59.5 cm / 23 "
Width 76 cm / 30"
Depth 67 cm / 26 "

Circa 1898




Attributable to William Paulgrave Ellmore

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