Mahogany Campaign Washstand

Mahogany Campaign Washstand


A mahogany oval campaign washstand with three legs.

A few companies made all wood oval washstands with those by Ross & Co. of note. Not many others appear on the market. J.W. Allen advertised what appears to be a washstand with turned wooden supports but we have not seen one yet bearing the maker's name.

A mahogany washstand with only three legs certainly stands out. It is easier to balance three legs on an uneven surface, as milking stools show us, and this may be the reasoning behind it. The shape of the oval is also a little more elongated, perhaps to help with the balance. The turned standards or columns are bold and add to the weight which is greater than expected. The top shelf has a brass gallery to the back edge and when the washstand is dismantled, the other shelves will fit inside it for packing. The washstand also stands out for using both wooden and steel threads. The legs and the standards to the bottom shelf have steel threads but the standards that fit to the wooden blocks set to the underside of the top shelf are wooden. The parts are simply numbered with those used to the front marked with a chisel either I or II and the back parts unmarked.

This is an interesting washstand as it differs to any other we have seen. It is well made with thick boards made of a good cut of mahogany and well-turned uprights. With associated brass bowl. Mid 19th Century.


Height 86.33 cm / 34 "
Width 62.84 cm / 24 "
Depth 40.62 cm / 16 "

Mid 19th Century






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