Anglo Indian Writing Desk Dressing Table

Anglo Indian Writing Desk Dressing Table



Writing Desk Dressing Table
A teak Anglo-Indian Dressing Table with mirror and brushing slide.

The large mirror is held within a frame that allows you to adjust its angle for use. This frame is held up by a pair of replaced wooden pins that fix it to a cased section to the back of the table. Removing the pins, allows the mirror to drop down into its case, which protects it during travel. It also reduces the height by 20 inches (50cm).

The table has a worn blue velvet brushing slide that pulls out for use. It can also be used for writing or working. Each pedestal has two drawers above a cupboard with a fifth drawer between them. The drawers, cupboards, brushing slide and mirror all have period, replaced matching brass knob handles. The table stands on 8 cast brass, lion paw feet. These are fitted to reeded, bulbous legs. The reeding is echoed to the front corners of the pedestals, the front edge of the brushing slide, the one-inch thick tabletop and to the fronts of the mirror and its frame. Further decoration can be found to the blind brass fretwork panels set to either side of the middle drawer which have an acorn and foliage design.

Given that this Dressing Table has a mirror that packs away and it has substantial cast brass carrying handles to the sides, it is probable that it was made for travel. It was not uncommon for the British to move their household to the mountains for the summer months to avoid the heat.

This is an unusual but practical piece of colonial furniture. Circa 1840.

Size with mirror up is given.


Height 132.03 cm / 52 "
Width 111.72 cm / 44 "
Depth 60.94 cm / 24 "

Circa 1840.




Anglo Indian


Campaign Furniture

From Chair To Cannon

Good. Brass Knob handles period but replaced. Wooden pins to fix mirror replaced.


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