Folding Table by Smith of Peebles

Folding Table by Smith of Peebles


A Folding walnut Holyrood Table with moulded edge by Smith of Peebles.

This table folds very flat with the thinner pair of legs sitting inside the wider pair. The table's mechanism is simple but effective. The two pairs of legs are fitted to each other by a bolt through their top cross rails which allows them to twist against each other. The top is hinged to the wider pair of legs so that it can also fold. A curious feature to the table (and the other 3 we have had) is that the pins to the three hinges are nails which have been bent to their ends to hold them in place. Given that we have seen this on all the tables, it is an original but unusual feature. The underside of the top has a block to ensure that the legs open at a right angle to each other.

The maker's pressed brass oval plague confirms the maker as J & J Smith of Peebles as well as giving the table's title of the Holyrood Folding Table with a Patent number of 13796. More can be read on Smith in their maker's file on this website. It is known that they also made this table with an oval top and an ebonised finish. Circa 1900.


Height 64.5 cm / 25 "
Width 61 cm / 24 "
Depth 44.5 cm / 17 "

Circa 1900






J & J Smith of Peebles


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