Four Tier Brass and mahogany Campaign Shelves

Four Tier Brass and mahogany Campaign Shelves



A mahogany set of Campaign Shelves with brass standards.

This set is a little earlier than most that appear on the market but also stands out for the fact that it has four boards as opposed to the normal three. We have had one other set with four shelves before that was also earlier but did not have a cresting rail, like this one. This rail is also interesting because it is hinged to the top shelf so, although it will fold for travel, it is not removable.

The shelves have steel rods than run the full extent of their height with graduated brass sleeves to separate the boards at a set height. The ends of the rods have screw fittings to take finials and feet to fix all the parts in place. The feet are much smaller than those found on the standard shelves you see and are solid with a domed bottom as opposed to an inverted cup shape.

This is an interesting set of shelves and a precursor to the standard design that became a staple piece of campaign furniture for many officers. As well as being a useful piece to sit on top of a campaign chest, the fiddleback mahogany used elevates the set to a very good-looking piece. Early to Mid 19th Century.


Height 88.23 cm / 34 34"
Width 90.13 cm / 35 "
Depth 17.77 cm / 7 "

Early to Mid 19th Century.


Mahogany and brass standards




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Some wear to the collars on the brass sleeves