Wardrobe Campaign Chest by Ross & Co.

Wardrobe Campaign Chest by Ross & Co.


This mahogany wardrobe is another example of the innovative nature of Ross & Co. in their design. The lower section is to all intents and purposes the bottom half of a campaign chest. However, the top section is a wardrobe that is made to flat pack. When set up this is much taller than a standard chest, when dismantled it is much smaller than a broken down chest. The cornice sits on the top by wooden lugs and is hinged to fold when removed. The top has open dovetails to lift it off the sides and the back boards sit in a rebate. With the top and back off, the sides will fall on their hinges and are offset so they will sit one on top of the other.

This is a clever piece of furniture giving a useful combination of hanging and drawer space. The enamel label to the door interior gives the details of 8, 9 & 10 Elles Quay, Dublin. The spelling of Ellis's was a mistake by the enameler and is correct on other similar plagues we have seen. This was Ross's last address, used from 1864.


Height 179.5 cm / 70 34"
Width 122 cm / 48 "
Depth 56 cm / 22 "

Circa 1875






Ross & Co.

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