Brass Bound Stationery Cabinet

Brass Bound Stationery Cabinet



A wedge shaped, brass bound oak Stationery Cabinet. This design of stationery box is a classic shape and was very popular either side of 1900. It was available in a few different woods including mahogany, oak and walnut. Some were brass bound but many were not.

The two doors open to form wings to the side of the box with the interior of one side with crossed ribbons to hold notes and the other with a removable, double sided note tablet. The main body of the box has dividers giving seven various sized compartments to take paper and envelopes etc. To the front of the dividers is a removable pen tray with a well below and a space to take square inkwells to either side. There is a further fixed pen tray in front of this. A drawer to the bottom is held in place by the two doors when they are shut. The box has a shield shaped escutcheon and working key.

There is no sign of a maker's label but a number of businesses retailed this form of box including The Army & Navy CSL and Harrods. Late 19th Century.


Height 32.5 cm / 13"
Width 38.5 cm / 15 "
Depth 25 cm / 10"

Late 19th Century


Brass Bound Oak