Miniature Portable Desk

Miniature Portable Desk



This miniature brass bound, mahogany writing slope is a rare item.

There are a few possible explanations for miniature pieces, the most common being that they were made as salesman samples, apprentice pieces or simply as novelties. The quality and exact proportion of this slope are exceptional and suggest a high level of skill in cabinet making. It is identical to a standard sized three fold portable desk but at a quarter of the size, as hopefully the ink pen illustrates. The brass ware and leather interior are all made to the correct size for the box rather than adapting existing larger fittings. The only compromise for use are the black crossed ribbons to the lid interior that are fixed but give the illusion of being usable. The Desk even has two secret drawers that are fully functional and revealed when their covering board is removed. Although we have seen two campaign chests before it is very unusual to find travelling furniture made in miniature. Early 19th century.

Size closed is given.


Height 6.5 cm / 2 34"
Width 18 cm / 7 "
Depth 11.5 cm / 4 "

Early 19th Century


Brass Bound Mahogany


Miniature Furniture

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