Paymaster's Exchequer Table

Paymaster's Exchequer Table



A mahogany Paymaster's Exchequer Table used to pay either soldiers or sailors.

The table has a fall front that reveals three tray drawers. The trays have brass fittings to the underside so that they can be held in place by the corresponding brass lugs, when put on the top of the box for use. The trays are fitted to hold coins and are set in ten rows with ten divisions each, to allow for easy stacking and counting. The table's fall has two locks, with separate keys and a further brass locating lug to the bottom middle to give even further security. The good, strong brass handles to the sides indicate that it was made with consideration to its heavy contents. The screw in legs fit to brass plates that are visible when the bottom drawer is removed. Their removal shows that not only was portability in mind when this box was made but also that it had the flexibility to be used as a box on another surface.

Although we have had one other box which was used to distribute the King's Shilling, this is the first such table we have seen. Circa 1880.


Height 74.5 cm / 29 12"
Width 58.5 cm / 23 "
Depth 50 cm / 19 "

Circa 1880



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