Backgammon & Chess Set

Backgammon & Chess Set



A large mahogany backgammon and chess box set. The box is made of mahogany with rosewood and boxwood inlay to mark the game boards.

All the separate pieces are associated with the set as opposed to being originally sold with it. The 30 backgammon or draught pieces are made of turned boxwood and are housed in a mahogany box which fits within the board box. The Staunton pattern Chessmen are also boxwood with the king 3 ½ inches tall. The box they are housed in does not fit in the board box. The dice shaker is a souvenir of Ireland and is marked Killarney Lakes and made of arbutus wood. Although an amalgamation of parts, this makes for a good sized set that allows you to place chess, draughts and backgammon. Mid to late 19th Century.

Box size closed is given.


Height 10 cm / 4"
Width 46 cm / 18 14"
Depth 26.5 cm / 10 12"

Mid to late 19th Century


Mahogany & Other Woods


England, Ireland