Georgian Cased Scales by Pickett

Georgian Cased Scales by Pickett



A Georgian mahogany cased, brass and steel equal arm pull-out Scale.

With the tongue and groove lid removed, the brass upright frame of the scales, which is riveted to the box, can be lifted to a vertical position. The scales have two steel pointers, one fixed and one moveable. It has two pans but originally would have had a single pan with a brass foot to the other side. The scales come with six brass weights.

The brass frame of the scales has the maker's name Pickett. John Pickett of Marlborough made at least three different versions of this type of scale as he looked to perfect his design. This set is likely to be either the second or third version. The John Barnett Collection of Scales had examples of all three. One set in the collection is stamped G.W. & Co. 86 Cheapside, London for the silver and goldsmiths Godbehere, Wigan & Co. who were at this address.

They may have made sets of the scales under license. It is probable that John Pickett was the same the maker who is recorded as a clock and matchmaker, with the precision making skills easily transferable to designing and making scales.

The small cased size of these scales lend themselves to being easily packed away or put in a pocket and they were probably intended for weighing coins or use by an apothecary. The maker is an early and uncommon name on scales. Circa 1780.

Case size is given.


Height 2.54 cm / 1 14"
Width 3.81 cm / 1 12"
Depth 13.08 cm / 5 14"

Circa 1780.


Mahogany, Steel and Brass






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Foot replaced with a pan