Kit Bag by Hill & Millard

Kit Bag by Hill & Millard

Maker / Retailer


Made of grained leather, Hill & Millard described these bags as their 'Square Mouthed Registered Travelling Bag'.

Drawings of similar bags appear on their ephemera from the 1870's. The description of their bags as 'Registered' was probably intended to make their bags stand out amongst the others being made at the time by a large number of manufacturers. This bag is typical of most kit bags of the period. As described, it has a square mouth when opened, with the strong bar hinges to each end, locking to keep the bag open. When open the maker's details of 'Hill & Millard. Ltd. 7 Duncannon St. Trafalgar Sqr' can be seen, stamped into the leather. The interior is lined in linen with one short pocket to the middle of one side and a long pocket with two buttons running the full length of the other. The bag locks with a brass slide catch which has long since lost its key. It also has two short straps. The handles are stitched with large domed studs, for decoration as much as added strength. Six similar studs are fixed to the bottom of the bag for it to stand on. The original owner's initials of 'J.F.C.K.' are stamped to the side of the bag. Hill & Millard are one of the better known makers of campaign furniture and it was not uncommon for such manufacturers to also make luggage. Indeed most campaign furniture makers are listed under Trunk Makers in the trade directories.

A good sized Kit Bag by good makers. Late 19th century.


Height 42 cm / 16 "
Width 58.5 cm / 23 "
Depth 30.5 cm / 12 "