Adjustable Antique Campaign Chair

Adjustable Antique Campaign Chair



The design of this satin birch with leather cushions armchair is loosely based on the Douro chair.

The legs fold on the X frame principal and the angle of the back is adjusted by the arms. However, it has taken the premise on several steps to give a far more robust and engineered chair. The upholstered arms are fixed to the back and seat by wing nuts which allow them to be removed. The wing nuts to the seat fit to a brass quadrant post to each arm which allows the angle of the back to be adjusted.

The seat can also be raised to the front on two hinged brass bars with five slots to take brass hooks to the rail. The rail has been replaced but most people wouldn't know unless told. The chair can be used with or without its footrest which is fitted to the chair on two sprung hooks. The footrest is also adjustable on a ratchet to nine different positions and has a hinged foot board that is removable. It has 3 castors so that it can stand and be used independently of the chair.

To pack the chair down for travel, two front to back bracing bars are unclipped at the front of the chair by removing two pins and releasing the sprung trigger mechanisms. The X frame legs then fold. The arms also have a trigger mechanism to the front which release a brass collar holding them in place to the adjustable quadrant. A wing nut releases the other end of the arms from the back.

With the seat lowered, the back can also be set to fall back on the arms and with the use of the footrest, the chair can be used as a daybed.

The underside of the footrest has a partial label which gives the name Allen. This is likely to be a warehousing label to identify the chair whilst moving or storing it.

The chair is very well made with the use of brass ware particularly good. The oversized wing nuts to the arms, the trigger clips, the strengthening plates on the ratchet etc. all indicate a chair made to a high standard. Third Quarter 19th

Size with footrest is given.


Height 101.4 cm / 40"
Width 66 cm / 26 "
Depth 126.95 cm / 50 "

Circa 1880


Satin Birch




Campaign Armchair

Flying the Flag

Restoration to front rail. Webbing replaced to seat. Leather cushions replaced.