Antique Library Armchair

Antique Library Armchair

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Made of mahogany, this antique Library Armchair is a known model,with reference to it in Allen's catalogue of 1855 and the name the Albert Chair. The shape of the back seems to be one favoured by the company and their version of the Douro Chair is a similar shape. However it is also possible that the design was made by a number of different workshops. Like much of the best campaign furniture, the action is simple but very effective.

The back cushion pushes forward to be removed. It's held in place by a step to the bottom section of the cushion and a brass plate to the middle of the top of the back of the frame. The arm posts are hinged to the seat frame which allows the back to fall forward against the seat with the arms also folding down. The legs are set as a front and back pair joined by a rail. These rails are hinged to fold in towards the middle once the side rails, which are also hinged and fixed with a twist catch, are folded under the seat. For added strength the legs each have a tenon joint which sit into a mortise to the underside of the chair frame. So, the chair can be folded quickly without the need to undo any bolts.

It's a comfortable easy chair with turned legs and arm posts and an agreeable wave shape to either side of the seat. Mid 19th Century.

A video of the chair being dismantled can be seen on here:


Height 107.5 cm / 42 "
Width 62.5 cm / 24 34"
Depth 71.5 cm / 28 14"

Mid 19th Century






Attributable to J.W. Allen

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